Check out also, if u like. This contains a batch of newer photos. For the foundation set, try link here: Standard intro follows, then the photos in this batch: PHOTOGRAPHY: STEIN REUSCH WEBER (also, on some, rerendering or light image editing done in such as the G15/Gem program; this page and any archive pages under it has only images that come from camera use by Stein Reusch Weber, which is a (family-name related) camera artist name for Aristo Tacoma). Themes used for original photos here are: NATURE -- HUMAN BEAUTY AND DANCE -- ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN This site pertains to the photography of Stein Reusch Weber, which (alongside Henning R.W.) is an artist name employed by Aristo Tacoma when doing photography (both Reusch and Weber in family name-tree). Normally, a single name can cover all professions; however due to the particularly generous nature of some of the productions by the undersigned, a sense of individuality to the more professional and also monetary activities are sought by using other names for this; not as a secrecy, but as a mantra, if that's the word I want. At any rate it has turned out to be infinitely the best way to do it! The principles involved in this enterprise of conveying something of the world's beauty by means of first-hand photos unedited except possibly for general contrast and brightness, and -- at least in terms of a long-term intention, to further the notion of bright spring green versus black as a key pole of mindful heartfelt stimulation when utilised on the computer for the presentation of photos and other graphic material. But, with the principles as indicated rather profoundly at the sites, see links esp. from the economy column there, we also accomodate a sense of evolution towards this approach, and apply other colors as well -- including, also in painting, a skin-near brown tone. In any case, by utilising the notion of not having all RGB (or CMYK) colors in a single photo all that too often, we encourage the inner processes of visualisation, -- train the brain, so to speak, which is a key aspect also to meditation. The notions involved involve possibly a great deal of meditation, preparation, styling, adjustments of lights, and so on, and almost always this photography involves being ruthlessly selective, deleting all photos not worthy of being relayed further, according to the strictest intuitive criterions of the highest beauty in form. At this particular place subsite of, namely,, only and exclusively photos taken (most recent on top) by Aristo Tacoma are included. This is in contrast to such as educational pages at other subsites of, or indeed anywhere else in the set of sites, where a variety of sources, usually indicated underneath an image, is indicated, and where quite often a great deal of work on the image has gone into making out of a concrete photo a more abstract type of sketch-like image. Briefly, though looking up more texts about first-hand photography and related first-hand art texts, -- a set of concepts originated by this author -- around on the above-mentioned sites, let us include the following remark here, as to why only the bright green to black range is included, more or less. And that is this remark: The mind is to be stimulated by the output from the PC. So the PC must not do too much job, for it must rather invite the mind to do own work. But then the PC must restrict itself. When it comes to colors, restricting the color range to black to spring bright green invites the mind to make up full colorisation within; at the same time as the exact color choices typically are conducive to harmony and full art appreciation. [[[This is at least sought in the typical situation, but we also emphasise a matching of what is produced here with how it has been produced elsewhere, in terms of productions used by others, so that there is an absolute minimum of modifications applied to the photos beyond the initial occasional clipping and slight adjustment of brightness or color contrasts, and, then, with the optional greenification of what has been produced by a digital camera of the typical kind.]]] Normal copyright to author applies. For more about this, cfr this little article from 2012. In cases where this photographer has acted within a profesional production context, copyrights will be specified underneath the image series. Naturally, one requests that photos connected to such production contexts are treated with extra care and only further used by utilising contact info given underneath the photo series. PHOTOGRAPHY: STEIN REUSCH WEBER Themes used for original photos here are: NATURE -- HUMAN BEAUTY AND DANCE -- ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN THEME: HUMAN BEAUTY AND DANCE Two srw photos of dancer and beauty girl Monica Emilie Herstad follows, cfr and; contact herStay for copyright info as for further use as these are from a longer series connected to dance performances. THEME: NATURE All photos here by Stein Reusch Weber (srw). This contains a batch of newer photos. For the foundation set, try link here: