STAMASH is our form of martial arts, a concept coined by S.R. Weber. Q: What is stamash? A: Stamash is a form of martial arts and training for those who are oriented towards fitness and beauty and rejuvenation. It can be done by all, but it is especially suited for women so that it has within it a range of exercises and techniques so that those girls who are not excessively dedicated to muscle development can take fully advantage of it in terms of practical self-defense. Q: What does it most look like? Karate? A: It blends elements of karate and MMA with entirely different forms of physical action like yoga and with a type of insight into intuition also cultivated in aikido. Q: Does it require special equipments, suits? And does it work 'on the street'? A: Its core set of exercises, by and large, can be done almost anywhere and without anything one has to take with one. It is also very good to do in groups. When done in groups, it is done with a typical belted karate-like or tae-kwon do suit, because this seems to create a greater focus on the action and the technique. It is certainly practical--and in a world where women need to protect themselves, it teaches barehand self-defense and self-defense also enhanced by the simplest and most obvious extensions of that approach, so that it can work in rougher circumstances as well. Q: Is it a sport? Does one do competitions? Are the belts colored? A: Stamash honors the idea that development of the body has to happen, each day anew, from where the body starts and in the direction which is relevant to be as near that which we call "stamash pro" as possible. This "stamash pro" level is understood to be at those whom we invite to teach stamash, but it is not a formal graduation, but something that one must know oneself when one is at. The variety of pathways one takes to being proficient in martial arts is beyond that which can easily be categorised in terms of a formal set of graduations or such. And the fighting methods must be finetuned in a certain way if they are to be effective in real life when legal self-defense is called for, rather than spending much time (it seems to us) to give the body an entirely different set of instincts as are involved in play-fighting for sports competitions. So even the beginners here have black belts: because it is stylish and look good, the belt color here signifies nothing. Q: What is the secret of its name--stamash is a very good name! A: Thank you. Well, let's spell it all out if you have the patient! The word was first coined to mean a new form of martial arts by S.R. Weber, in his other pen name Aristo Tacoma, during scifi writing done prior to the first release of a form of computer operating system (which included some games), called "Firth", which was released April 10, 2006. (This Firth platform is still available in its original form and with all the original scifi writings inside it, even if this author has progressed to perhaps more ripe forms of writings since; somewhere on the page there is a link to Firth OS.) Then, after 2006, until about 2017, that is, during a period of a dozen years or so, it was made into a real form of martial arts, mixing elements from MMA, judo, karate, yoga and healing; chiefly taught to, and made especially for, women, as said. Like most good sounds, "STAMASH" was coined at the spur of the moment in the middle of a writing process. One very obvious association, assiduously affirmed by us, is to the rich and interesting word "stamina", a word worthy of exploration in large dictionaries as for its ethymology. It relates both the capacity the body has for power and endurance, and to such things which are essential in life, namely some of the core processes of flowers. The completing ending has an obvious sound-association to "action" and something rather forceful and a bit explosive, and fits with the kick-and-hit orientation of the 'interception' or attack part of stamash. But it can also be associate to the 'MArtial'. And finally, since humour is vital in all healing processes, and in the intuition which is so fundamental to the understanding of how stamash works, let us have the playful assocation to the famous military comedy series M*A*S*H. Stamani plus M*A*S*H equals STAMASH! :-) But stamash is not a joke. It is eminently effective and since it is oriented both towards group training and towards individual training with a minimum of extra requirement components and without wasting time on the artificiality of M.A. sports competitions, it is practical in an extreme sense. In a dangerous world, stamash can make women safer, by giving them a uniquely well-fitted range of techniques. These are trained while using karate- or judo-style of white cotton suits, but without the often somewhat meaningless graduation into levels by belt color and such. Each person has a unique pathway to become more proficient at stamash, or, as we say, more at the level of 'stamash pro'--and it is part of stamash to find out yourself at what level you are, at any time, in any life situation, and to work from there, looking to the future with both optimism and realism. The first stamash book, is expected to be printed in the Yoga4d Avenuege Library and available for purchase in 2021. ** * * * ***** Stamash is taught by its founder and with those with whom he has a written agreement. The word "stamash", as used here at and used in connection to martial arts and fitness training and healing is a trademark enforced-by-use by the private company of the founder of Stamash. 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