Norwegian information: Selvforsvar og supertrening: klikk her Stamash Dance and Stamash Martial Arts
Stamash Martial Arts and Stamash Dance, the two branches of Stamash as coined by Aristo Tacoma, are taught to young adult girls in between the many other projects by the same. Stamash involves excerpts from the softest of martial arts, such as Aikido, and the hardest of them, such as Karate, from the most spiritual of practises, such as Yoga Asanas, and from rugged Western medical insights into what is sound training, to which is added a sense of the tantric and a touch of dance. It is distinct from classical asian martial arts in that the often longer legs of the Western girl is taken as starting-point, rather than the statistical exception. That means that this is easier on the knees. Another feature is that the body image cultivated is not that of the leather-hardened bodybuilder woman, but rather that of the slim sexy athletic girl who has the self-assurance of knowing that she is able to defend herself; and who has a variety of interesting exercises as part of what she can do, by herself as in a group, to strenghten without over-strenghten, and to make flexibility without making over-flexibility. Stamash is documented in writings by Aristo Tacoma, including as one of many topics developed in the five-volume book The Art of Thinking, which is being written in 2016 and 2017. This site,, also has in it subsections that support some of the other projects of Aristo Tacoma, whose paint and photography name is Stein R. Weber. For a link to many of these projects, please look up and Stamash is an trademark enforced by use of the private company of Aristo Tacoma, Yoga4d von Reusch Gamemakers, Oslo, Norway. Training others in Stamash happens only by signed agreement with the founder of stamash, Aristo Tacoma.